Thursday, 2 January 2014

Please support my sponsored slim !

There's no kind, simple or easy way to say this -  so I won't even try. I am very overweight and I have resolved to do something about it.

I wish I could blame hormones or genes; but I can't. I simply eat too much food, often too late at night, and apart from running up the phone bill, chasing rumours and jumping to conclusions, I take too little exercise.

Five years ago I went on a diet and over a six months I lost four stone. My target was five. Unfortunately, before reaching my target the wheels fell of the waggon - and within 6 months my weight had returned to where it had previously been. I was angry with myself for months; to be honest I still am. Having lost four stone I felt fit, healthy and good about myself. Shops which I hadn't been in for a decade were open to me again, I lost 6 inches from my waistline; suddenly when I shopped for clothes I was able to buy what I wanted to buy not just what was available in my size. Typing this five years later I recall vividly how good it felt, so I am going to try again. 

I am blessed with the most amazing willpower - many would say I am as stubborn as a mule. Ten years ago I went from smoking 40 Marlboro a day to not smoking at all. I gave up overnight, with no medication, patches or pills - once I had made the decision to quit that was it; I haven't smoked since.

So here we go again; and to keep me focused I am going to seek sponsorship for a good cause. My aim is to raise £2,500 which will pay for the installation and 12 months running costs for an eight-line Phone Bank at the new West Kent Campaign HQ in Paddock Wood. It will be great for Kent to have its own Phone Bank for by-elections, target wards and to assist our local 40:40 target seats.

Next week I shall be returning to Slimming World and I will publish my weight on this blog - and each week (whether good or bad) I will publish an update. I am seeking sponsorship for each pound I lose by the end of May (five months time, give or take). But if you are kind enough to sponsor me please be careful!  Last time I did lose four stone - which is 56 pound; so sponsoring me £1 per pound could result in quite a large sum! Please bear this in mind as I wouldn't like you to feel committed to a sum you couldn't really afford. Perhaps instead of offering so much per pound you might offer £x if I reach my target by end of May (which is a loss of four stone).    

Here is a sponsorship form which you are invited to download, print off and return, should you wish to sponsor me.

Thank you in anticipation of your support and encouragement.


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  1. Best of luck. However: one piece of advice. Establish the long term lifestyle that will enable you to sustain a stable healthy weight *first*, before you try and lose anything. If you don't you'll bounce like you did before and feel even worse about it.