Sunday, 19 January 2014

Addressing the Surrey Area Conference

I appear to be developing a new string to my bow, as the Party's local ambassador for grouping and resource sharing. I am not a natural nor confident public speaker, but I do see the value in sharing our experiences and as a result I always try to help if I can.

Yesterday I addressed the Surrey Area Conference in Woking. They had a super turnout of 120+ people I would guess and I think my presentation was well received.  Certainly the questions were plentiful and thoughtful, and the queue of people wishing to chat to me afterwards prevented me from reaching the delicious looking buffet (which was no bad thing for my diet).

I was up immediately following on of the party's most charismatic and eloquent speakers, Dan Hannan, which made me feel a bit like Attlee following Churchill (hat-tip to Andrew Sharpe for that one!)

Thank you to Surrey Area Chairman Andrew Colborne-Baber for the invitation and to all the people who tweeted kind messages afterwards.

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