Monday, 6 January 2014

The scales don't lie

Well, this is painful and embarrassing, but I said I would publish my weight on this blog today with weekly updates as my diet progresses, so here it is:

Not good, not clever and nothing to be proud of, and a full stone heavier than I was when I last seriously dieted 5 years ago. There are no excuses, I have fallen into a habit of eating the wrong food and too much of it often too late at night.

So the diet has commenced and apart from the main benefits of losing weight and making myself healthier, fitter and happier, I will also be raising money for the Party to pay for the installation and running costs of an eight-line phone bank at our new Campaign HQ in Paddock Wood.

Already I have raised over £800 in sponsorship from friends and colleagues from across the UK; your generosity and encouragement mean a great deal. Thank you. 

My first target is to lose 4 stone (56lb) by the end of May 2014, which my dietician has said is a tough but not unrealistic goal. If you would like to sponsor me (either a set amount to reach my target or so much per lb lost) I would be really grateful; you would not only be encouraging me but also helping raise funds for a West Kent phone bank to help the party win in 2015.

You can download a sponsorship form by right clicking on the picture below, then printing it using your home printer. Alternatively (and much simpler) just send me an email to with either the lump sum of the amount per pound you are willing to sponsor me for.  Thank you!

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