Monday, 27 January 2014

All in a day's work

Last night, after blogging (moaning) about the office workload for the week, a local MP Tweeted to say, "you love it, really", and I must admit that he's right!  Too often I meet people who hate their job and are ticking off the days to the weekend (or to their retirement), but even at its worst I still wake up each day champing at the bit and looking forward to the tasks ahead. And in that I know how lucky I am.
Today got off to a good start... we designed, printed and folded the first of the two branch newsletters, I completed the TW accounts and sent them off to the Chairman and Treasurer, we printed 20,000 letters and mail-merged the addresses onto 10,000 of them and Jon caught up with the membership data and even found a spare hour to begin work on sorting out Maidstone's standing order payments.
Still a mountain to climb before the weekend, but we've made a good start. Next week we have two packing teams (team one in Maidstone of 30 people and team two in Tunbridge Wells of 40!) and God help us if the supplies aren't ready.

Jon processing the weekend's membership
Our lovely volunteer book-keeper Edward Pugh
banking the cheques!
John Balcombe keeps the Risograph rolling
Last week's 15,000 target mailshot awaiting collection
by the packing teams

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