Saturday, 25 January 2014

5lb loss this week !

After a disappointing result last week, I am pleased to report a 5lb loss this week, bringing me down to 20st 3lb - a loss of 1st 7lb (or 10kg) since I began my diet on 5th January.

For those also dieting and curious about my plan, here are my meals this week (all breakfast and lunchtime meals are fresh fruit). Evening meals

Monday: Mixed grill (rump steak, gammon, kidney, chicken breast, trimmed of fat) with grilled mushrooms and tomatoes and mixed salad.

Tuesday: Poached salmon with asparagus, broccoli and a small amount of reduced fat hollandaise sauce.

Wednesday: Sea bass with green beans

Thursday: Chicken Caesar salad (without the croutons)

Friday: Trio of smoked fish (salmon, trout and mackerel) with couscous and green salad.

As you can see - I am not exactly scraping by on starvation rations !


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