Friday, 31 January 2014

Meeting the Maidstone In Laws !

It was exciting to address a campaign meeting of Maidstone's Conservative candidates and councillors tonight (drawn from the Maidstone constituency and those parts of Faversham & Mid Kent which fall within the Maidstone Council boundary).

This was the first formal campaign meeting I have run for Maidstone and F&MK, who have recently joined the West Kent Group. Whenever I meet a new Association for the first time there is a degree of nervous tension (on both sides). I often think it's how a new "suitor" must feel meeting the potential in-laws for the first time; both sides overly courteous, curious and keen to impress, whilst needing to establish ground rules along with the terms of the relationship.

Tonight's meeting went like a dream (at least from my perspective). They listened with open minds and appeared willing to adapt to some of the many new campaign techniques which have served the Party well elsewhere in Kent. The questions were intelligent and enthusiastic; and perhaps most important of all for someone as driven as I am - I sensed we had a team of candidates who were hungry to win. I felt the same tingle of energy and determination we had in Chatham, & Aylesford 10 years ago when a small but united team determined to make a real difference. 

So welcome to Maidstone & The Weald and Faversham & Mid Kent. It is good to finally have the West Kent family working together, sharing best practice and supporting each other's hopes and ambitions. I am greatly honoured to be their new agent and look forward to working with some truly great people in the years ahead.  I just need to work out who is the frightening Mother-in-Law!

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