Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Sifters have sifted!

Well, the Sifters have sifted, CVs poured (or is it pawed) over, and the long list is now a shorter list.

Candidates have been selected for the next stage and we have a truly outstanding group. Given how politicians are attacked in the press and generally disrespected via the opinion polls, we are fortunate indeed that so many skilled, decent and professional people are willing to offer themselves for election to public office, and this goes for those in other parties too.

The saddest aspect for me was seeing so many outstanding applicants turned-down, but the restriction on the numbers who can be interviewed made this a sad inevitability. 

This morning I posted that we would publish the names on our website, but we have been asked not to do so at this stage to respect their confidentiality.  I hope therefore that I don't read the information on Con Home tomorrow!  I have, however, within an hour of the meeting finishing, informed every applicant of the outcome.

It has been a great privilege to meet so many wonderful prospective candidates over the past few months. To those who have been shortlisted; well done and I will see you on the streets of Tonbridge & Malling very soon. To those who didn't make it this time; thank you for your interest and best of luck in your search for a parliamentary seat.


  1. Voice from the South West8 October 2013 at 15:23

    But how will the political geeks of Britain be able to sleep not knowing who the candidates are?! We want to know!! ;-)

  2. It's pored actually. Good blog btw.