Sunday, 6 October 2013

Good coverage of our Open Primary in this week's Courier newspaper

Good coverage of our Open Primary in this weeks Courier Newspaper (though some of my quotes are not wholly accurate! I never called "City Hall" to ask if Boris was standing; I knew he wasn't weeks ago via the man himself).


  1. One minor correction, it's the second time an open primary has been done in the South East. 2005 GE had Rob Wilson selected in Reading East by open primary. Although that shouldn't take anything away from you and your team, it's a superb idea we should be doing them country wide!

    1. Many thanks Anon. I didn't actually say "first time in the SE". The journalist asked , "is this the first time there has been an Open Primary" to which I replied, "no, they were used before the 2010 General Election, but this is the first one in this area." I wasn't actually aware that Reading had run one so early as 2005, though Gosport, Surrey East Spelthorne all had open primaries between 2007-2010. All the best, and thanks for leaving a comment. Andrew

  2. Andrew, perhaps at the end of it all you might post what it cost to do the open primary? Personally I think they're a great idea but the cost could be an obstacle.