Saturday, 12 October 2013

Crouching in Ditton

 Team Team Crouch were on the doorsteps of Ditton this morning, inviting residents to participate in our rolling opinion survey.

I am always amused when I read politicians on Twitter or Facebook; regardless of party they always have an "amazing response" on the dooorsteps. 

At least my old sparing partner in C&A Labour, Vince Maple, is more honest. He posted on Twitter that he had met a lady in Walderslade who was voting for the local Socialist candidate as he was "a good looking boy".   I just hope for the lady's sake that she never has to set eyes on the picture he keeps locked away in his attic.    


  1. Depends how you define "amazing". You could be mooned by an occupant of each house you visit, f'rinstance. That would be amazing.

    Disclaimer: this has never happened to me.

    1. Must say I have never been "mooned" on a doorstep, but I have met more than my fair share of ar*****es !

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