Saturday, 12 October 2013

Murder at the Manor

The Tunbridge Wells Management Committee hosted Murder at the Manor this evening, a professionally acted Murder Mystery play with supper. The event was the brainchild of our outstanding Deputy Chairman Fundraising, Judith Bullett, ably supported by Alexine Bullett and her Vice Chairman, Susan Potter.
The theatre company "Company Upfront" provided a first rate production, and brought their own props, lighting and sound. See HERE. They cost just under £1000 to book, which made a dent in the profits, but considering they were a team of six, who were with us for 5 hours, it was far from excessive.
It was a super, fun evening - and made a refreshing change from the usual round of political suppers, cheese and wine parties and quiz nights which are the staple Association events.

Here are a few photographs to whet the appetite!
It's never too soon to teach a young political activist how to plunge a knife into someone's back.

On stage before the audience arrived:
From left Bryan Potter, Susan Potter, Andrew Kennedy, Alexine Bullett, Nicky Bullett and Judith Bullett

Michael Horwood (left) and Jon Botten (right) quiz Lord Hampstead
on the sad death of his cross-dressing daughter

The Kennedy Table - good to welcome guests from across Kent and Westminster
 The Actors take the applause!  The slightly mad sister (dressed in pink) did it.


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