Sunday, 20 October 2013

Parliamentary Candidates' Assessment & Campaign Day - in pictures!

As regular readers will know, yesterday (Saturday 19 October) was the Assessment Day for our parliamentary candidates. We had Street Stalls in the five major shopping areas, each with two PPCs and three members of the Executive Council, who will be responsible for the shortlisting,  Following lunch, we regrouped for canvassing in Tonbridge, with each candidate being accompanied by a different member of the Executive.

The candidates were all first rate, gamely smiling in the pouring rain and drumming up support for the Open Primary. I have said it before and I shall say it again, we are fortunate to have so many outstanding people on the parliamentary list.  Our volunteers also did all that was asked of them, and more. They turned out at 8.30am for briefings, collected supplies, set-up the stalls and worked all day. Over 50 activists were involved in one way or another, throughout the day.  Thanks you to everyone who worked so hard to make the day a success.

Below are a selection of photographs taken during the day;
Tonbridge Street Stall with Chris Smith, Jonathan Botten and Nicolas Heslop
Kings Hill Street Stall with Jonathan Shotten, Janet Sergison and Sarah Barker

Borough Green Street Stall with Sue Murray and Bobby Barnes

Edenbridge Street Stall with Richard Davison, Matthew Dickins, Anne Cleeve and Jill Davison

At the end of a long day, each of the candidates received a copy
Tonbridge through Time, as a 'thank you' for their interest

Whilst a comatose Agent and an equally exhausted Deputy Chairman Political,
in almost-matching wanky Tory Boy trousers, fight to stay awake at The Chaser in Shipbourne


Finally, good to return home and see this Tweet from Dan Hannan MEP, support our Open Primary

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