Tuesday, 15 October 2013

More news on the Open Primary

Regular readers of my blog will know I am passionate about renewing the Conservative Party's appeal to a new generation of supporters, but to also be open and inclusive, particularly towards younger voters who too often opt-out of the process and who think politics has nothing to do with them.

I have ensured that every young person who will vote for the first time at the next GE has received a personal invitation to the Open Primary (over 3,000 of them!). Our latest initiative is to send invitations to the Head of 6th Form at the eight local comprehensive and grammar schools, encouraging their pupils to attend.

Through door-to-door delivery, email and direct mail, over 50,000 residents will have received a personal invitation to the Open Primary on 2 November. I really don't know what more we could do to widen participation and open the process. I am, however, very honoured to work for an Association which, having decided to hold an Open Primary, has been unstinting in its support for every idea and initiative I have put forward to ensure as many people as possible are involved in the process.   

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  1. Would love to see more and more of the younger generation taking part in the demographic process. Keep trying to push the message "the more of your age group that vote, the more those you are voting for will have to listen". Great approach by you here, once again.