Thursday, 11 July 2013

Tracey Couch re-selected

Chatham and Aylesford's outstanding Member of Parliament, Tracey Crouch, was unanimously re-selected as Conservative candidate for the next General Election at a meeting in Princes Park a few hours ago. I am honoured that she immediately appointed me as her Campaign Director.

Tracey now has the advantage of incumbency, a still strong, determined and battle-hardened campaign team plus the confidence from a poll which demonstrates that despite mid-term difficulties for the Coalition, Tracey's personal approval ratings in C&A are +63% and she outpolls the opposition by 26 percentage points amongst those most likely to vote.

With Labour failing to make any inroads in the constituency during the recent Kent CC elections* I am predicting a tough campaign resulting in an increased majority.

*During the recent Kent County Council elections, Labour finished third in Malling Rural North East on just 16%, FOURTH in Larkfield on just 7% and even contrived to lost their former stronghold of Snodland for the 8th consecutive election.

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