Tuesday, 2 July 2013

JULY - Off to a flying start !

July is off to a flying start!

  • Ann Widdecombe has confirmed that she will be guest speaker at Tonbridge & Malling's annual dinner later this year. She might not be "on message" but our members love her, and she'll pack them in!
  • James Wharton MP (who is introducing the EU Referendum Bill the week) has agreed to visit West Kent and address a joint meeting of the three local Policy Discussion Groups.
  • An internationally acclaimed magician has moved into the constituency and joined the Association; cue request if he will do a fund raising magic show!
  • Meetings arranged with CCHQ to agree timetable for parliamentary selection
  • 2014 Kent Area Conservative Conference date confirmed and venue booked
  • Twenty activists signed-up for next canvassing session
  • Local recruitment mailshot in the post on behalf of the Conservative Women's Organisation
  • High profile campaign to recruit new LG Candidates about to launch
  • AND I survived two fillings at the dentist this morning

Not bad as we are just two days into the month!

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