Tuesday, 16 July 2013

There's no business like show business....

Tomorrow I take the first steps into show business, with a trip to Hildenborough's Oast Theatre, which I am hoping to hire to put on a New Year production.

This has all come about quite suddenly and unexpectedly.  Our Office Administrator / Campaign Assistant, Jon, handles membership renewals and data management, drawing my attention to anything in need of a personal response. One day last week he informed me that the morning's post included three new membership applications in response to our latest mailing.  As there was nothing out of the ordinary, having told me the figures he processed the membership and put the cheques in the drawer for banking.

Fortunately, our book-keeper, Edward, was on holiday last week and as a result I was doing the banking. As I entered the cheques I noticed one where the name printed below the signature appeared to be a company or trading name "Enchanted Magic".  A quick search on Google led me to the website of a magician and recent winner of the Magic Circle's "British Champion of Magic" award, who not only lived in the constituency, but was one of the three new members mentioned above!

Had Edward not been on holiday, the cheque would have been banked by him and I wouldn't have been any wiser.  As it was, my Agent's nose for an opportunity started twitching.  A quick letter to our new recruit resulted in him agreeing to put on a full stage show for us.  We will be getting a full stage show followed by an hour of close-up table magic whilst guests eat their meal, which will be served in the private dining room in the Oast Theatre complex.

It will make a change from the usual round of quiz nights, wine tastings and hot pot suppers!  Watch this space for more information.  His name is Jonathan Shotten, and here is his promotional video. 

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