Monday, 22 July 2013

The very progressive Tunbridge Wells Local Government Committee

Members of the Tunbridge Wells Local Government Committee, clockwise from front:
Judith Bullett, Alexine Bullett, Graham Riddick, Nicholas Rogers (Chair) ,
Caroline Derrick, John Davies and William Rutherford

Faced with meeting in a small, airless and very hot committee room, the members of the Tunbridge Wells Local Government Committee (above) took the sensible decision to hold their meeting al fresco earlier this evening, commandeering the tables and chairs on the patio of the TW Constitutional Club.

But meeting outside in the fresh air was not the only radical decision taken. In addition to signing-off the timetable for selections, the LGAC also agreed (unanimously) to hold a trial postal primary to select a candidate in one of our target seats. This was done with the full and enthusiastic support of the local activists.

It's a delight to work with a group of progressive and open minded members who share my passion for expanding our base and finding new ways to bring people into the organisation.

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  1. Great to hear.
    When I was a constituency chairman, I wrote to the Party Chairmen's office to ask if we could hold an open primary to select a candidate in a ward we were defending.
    Despite a couple of follow-up emails, I am still waiting for a response two and a half years later.