Wednesday, 3 July 2013

It's those chairs again!

Last week I hurriedly had to find someone to clear various detritus out of the basement of the old Tunbridge Wells Association office as the building had finally been sold and the new owners understandably did not want our leftovers. After two hours on the phone I found a man (with a van) in East Sussex who could do it within our 48 hour timescale. He couldn't give an accurate quote as much would depend on if anything was resell-able, as if so he would reduce the cost pro-rata.

Sadly, when the invoice arrived, he informed me that everything he took away was worthless junk, and sadly could not be resold. As a consequence, we would have to settle his invoice in full. 

I was therefore amused when our Chairman, William Rutherford, emailed me a link to Ebay with a note "someone's flogging our chairs!" See HERE

What's more amusing, with Mandelson-esque spin, our worthless junk has been miraculously transformed into a 


In these times of austerity brought about by 13 years of Labour mismanagement, I don't blame any budding entrepreneur from trying to make a profit. I just hope he gets more than the 99p starting price.

The big question, which remains unanswered, is why was our suave sophisticated and stylish Chairman is searching on Ebay for "grotty second hand bar furniture."  I suspect questions will be asked! 

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  1. Old chairs are sometimes better. When I lived in the States I bought a small armchair at a garage sale for $5. This was in 1979. (The seller was very wistful but they were getting Scandinavian modern). 34 years later, we still have the chair, since recovered.

    So don't necessarily knock it, guys!