Monday, 8 July 2013

Drawing conclusions !

I received two lovely emails in the last few days from Conservative activists, each thanking me for maintaining this blog, and commenting how, in some small way, I make a difference.  As always, to preserve anonymity I have removed any identifying references, but they make nice reading nonetheless.

I have now received over 50 emails or messages of thanks from Associations or individual activists who have downloaded our Tonbridge & Malling  Guide to Running a Successful Summer and Christmas Draw.

For the record, our own summer draw results for 2013 were as follows

  • Tunbridge Wells - Sales 98.3% compared with 2012
  • Tonbridge and Malling : Sales 102% compared with 2012
  • Chatham and Aylesford: Sales 167% compares with 2012
  • Rochester and Strood: Sales 232% compares with 2012
(i) Rochester and Strood are not part of the West Kent Group, but their Chairman asked if T&MCA would administer their 2013 Summer Draw to see if we could make a difference.
(ii) Above figs include raffle sales and donations sent in lieu

Across the four constituencies, three increased their income and one had a small reduction. Overall we increased summer draw income by 14%. Not a bad result given the political and economic climate and the general negativity in the media about our political fortunes.

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