Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A Trifle Indulgent

Last week there was a heated discussion at West Kent Towers. Not over equal marriage, planning, Europe or the economy - nothing so trivial.  The debate was over trifle recipes. The crux of the discussion was whether a decent trifle should include jelly. I was in the 'no' camp, whilst someone else thought jelly was essential and our envelope packer was ambivalent. The debate then moved on to toppings. Toasted, flaked almonds were my choice, whilst someone else favoured "hundreds and thousands".  The fact that "hundreds and thousands" man was also the jelly-lover did little to convince me of his trifle making prowess.

As the debate raged, I offered to demonstrate my trifling skills by making one for the team to sample. Predictably, I forgot - until 11pm last night whilst driving home from the cinema, having seen Behind The Candelabra.  "Sorry love, we need a detour to the all night supermarket", I said, to a bemused and not too happy partner, who clearly thought I was barking mad to be shopping then making trifle at 11pm.  However, I had promised, and I knew my colleagues would remember!  Honour was at stake!

By midnight my trifle was made, refrigerated then, this morning, carefully transported to West Kent Towers in a cooler box, whereupon my office colleagues looked at my with bemusement, as they had all completely forgotten about the promise!  

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