Monday, 30 July 2012

Back in the Land of Normality (wherever that might be)

Sorry for the radio silence - as regular readers will know, we moved house over the weekend and things have been somewhat hectic.

I am busy catching up with fours days worth of email and post awaiting me at the office. Last week I posted about a delightful chap who was offering to analyse handwriting to help raise money for the Party. Waiting for me today was a far less pleasant letter,

"I am not voting Conservative ever again following the decision to allow queers to marry. I never voted for a buggers and sodomites charter. I shall henceforth vote for UKIP."

All I can say to that is good riddance. I suspect you will feel far more at home in UKIP than in the Conservative Party I know and love..

On Sunday I received an amusing text message from Tracey Crouch MP to inform me that she had Tweeted my earlier blogpost about the constituent calling to ask the MP to come around an fix her toilet (see As a consequence, the story was picked up by Atticus in the Sunday Times who featured it in yesterday's paper. Sadly I didn't get a hat tip.

Tonight we have meetings in Tunbridge Wells to commence the Kent County Council selection process, and tomorrow we take delivery of one million pieces of literature for the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Campaign - which will no doubt arrive at 10am, just as the weekly Mackinlay Campaign Meeting is about to commence.

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