Monday, 9 July 2012

The Old Avenger

It was good to see Tunbridge Wells Lib Dem Councillor Dave Neve (Never Say Neve), along with his fragrant sidekick, Ben, plying his trade in West Malling & Leybourne last Thursday. According to one of our volunteers, who was trapped at a polling station with him, TW Lib Dems had come across 'mob-handed' to 'avenge themselves for the Tunbridge Wells East result of a few weeks earlier'! This statement opens up all sorts of delicious questions. Firstly, what would be the collective noun for Liberal Democrat activists? I shall start the ball rolling with a 'pomposity'. Any better suggestions, please leave a comment. My second point is the 'avenge' bit. First we had Honor Blackman in The Avengers. Then we had Joanne Lumley in the New Avengers. Now we have Cllr Dave Neve and the TW Lib Dems in 'The Old Avengers'. I suppose, without being too sarcastic, the TW LibDems, with five seats out of 48, are marginally more successful than their T&M counterparts with four seats out of 53. But that's really like saying Eddie the Eagle was more successful than the Jamaican Bobsleigh Team. It'[s a straight choice really. Now, what do they say...? Winning HERE!


  1. The collective noun is an "absurdity".

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