Friday, 27 July 2012

Farewell Bromley!

All of our 'precious' belongings are already on Barleywood. This morning, 'man and van' came and took away all the furniture we are not putting into storage. Almost everything else is either in storage or will be soon.  Mail forwarding is arranged. Banks, pensions, tax man, utilities, doctors, DVLC, TV License and mobile phone providers have all been informed. We even remembered to tell the "Identichip" people who keep track on the movements of our cats should they get lost! In a few hours BT will disconnect our telephone and broadband.

We've had four enjoyable years in Bromley - but tomorrow our new lives as live-aboard boaters officially begins. I am very excited and calm. Steve is excited, but less calm. We have lovely neighbours at the marina, super views, peace and tranquillity, surrounded by seabirds and the gentle sound of lapping waves. I am sure there will be challenges of living in a smaller space, but nothing that cannot be overcome.

Over recent weeks almost everyone I have told has greeted the news enthusiastically. I am grateful for so many good wishes and shared excitement. To answer some of the most frequently asked questions; we have running water (from taps and as well as the tide), we have a flushing lavatory, a shower, hot water on demand, 240v mains electricity, central heating, a full sized gas cooker, a fridge, colour TV, DVD player, microwave, toaster, kettle and, the best of all, a log burning stove!  And in two weeks time we will also have a BT landline and broadband - yes, they even install phones onto boats!.   The way some people have spoken they obviously think we are moving to a remote village in the Himalayas - not a marina in Rochester. "Oh, what will you do for cooking...?"  "Won't it be cold...?"

As soon as we settle we will have a boat warming party - we might even take guests on river trips - up and down the Medway. Even Snodland looks nice from the water.

For now, and for the record, here are a few photographs of our time in Highland Road. Happy memories, but it's time to move on.

Dinner alfreso in the late summer sun
Summer BBQ
Diva (left) and Lola (right) keep a watchful eye on a visiting squirrel
(you can just see him on the terracotta pot)

The Stilton shows the strain of hungry dinner guests

My lovely partner of 11 years, Steve

Our dining room when not be used to entertain.
The cow painting was a birthday present from Steve
(I fell in love with it having seen it in a gallery in Worcester)
"If you ever go across the sea to Ulster,
be sure it's on the 12th day of July....."
Waiting for the guests to arrive for my 42nd Birthday Dinner
Friends gather in the garden for Champagne
Table laid for semi-formal dinner

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