Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Strange and Random Life of a Conservative Agent

If anyone wonders why I sometimes appear or sound stressed, the following message, recently received by email from one of my Chairmen, might go some way to explaining

Dear A   drew

I   ave acu e problems wi    my email.    ree keys are    o  worki   g. I ca      o  use    e key    a  comes be wee       e R a   d    e Y,    or    e key w  ic   comes be wee       e G a   d    e J,    or    e key w  ic   is be wee       e B a   d    e M. 

I ca      o  a  e   d your mee i   g. Sorry.

  ope you u   ders a   d    is message.

In case you don't have the will to work it out, here is what he should have written:

Dear Andrew

I have acute problems with my email. Three keys are not working. I cannot use the key that comes between the R and the Y, nor the key which comes between the G and the J, nor the key which is between the B and the M. 

I cannot attend your meeting. Sorry.

Hope you understand this message.

That's cleared up that one, then !