Monday, 16 July 2012

I bet Obama / Biden can't match this !

We held the weekly team meeting of the Mackinlay for Kent campaign this morning, and several milestones were passed. (Click on the link above to visit Craig's excellent website).

It was confirmed that we had taken possession of the Mackinlay Campaign HQ and this would be the last meeting at our temporary HQ in Gillingham. Our next Campaign Meeting will be held at our own home base.  I would like to say the new HQ is luxurious. Sadly, I cannot - and as we are spending money donated by volunteers for the purpose of campaigning, it would be wrong for us to fritter it on plush buildings. The new HQ is a disused cement factory at the back end of Snodland. It is, however, cheap and spacious.  The missing roof tiles and ill fitting windows provide lots of ventilation. We also have running water (down the walls due to a broken tap on the first floor). The industrial cleaners have moved in, and they have assured me it will be clean and ready by 1 August. Hopefully I am doing a good job of selling it to you, as very soon I will be asking for volunteers to come along and pack a quarter of a million envelopes.

Which brings me nicely onto the next milestone.  The text and design of our first leaflet was also signed off today.   In my 22 years as an agent I have placed some substantial print orders, but I have never requested a print run of 1 million pieces of paper.  This in itself is quite daunting - more so when you consider they all have to be packed (manually and by volunteers) into 250,000 envelopes, sorted into roads and delivered across Kent. 


  1. You forgot the weekly 'Ceremony of the keys', held every Monday morning in advance of our campaign team meetings. Whereas the daily ceremony at the Tower of London takes place at precisely 9.53pm, ours takes place just weekly at 9.53am. The Tower of London ceremony uses rehearsed wording that has remained unchanged for 700 years, ours has similarly much repeated wording and ritual that also relates to keys.

  2. Whenever you say "1 million leaflets" I do hope you're placing your pinkie at the corner of your mouth.