Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A Day in the Life of a Constituency Agent

In the train en route to the office:
  • Call around Mackinlay for Kent Campaign Team for briefings and feedback on yesterday''s activity, including briefing on last night's "big happening"
  • Speak to shortlisted print providers re quotes and time frames
  • Exchange texts with CCHQ staffer re data management requirements
  • Book venue for Special Meeting of TW Executive Council 
  • Print off and distribute Notice Convening Executive Meeting
  • Book venue for meeting of TW Local Government Committee
  • Circulate Notice Convening Meeting and copies of candidates' CVs as part of Kent CC selection process
  • Unplanned meeting with Kent CC hopeful who was bemoaning his lack of opportunity due to bed blockers. Listened sympathetically whilst guillotining Sophie Shrubsole "Don't Forget To Vote Today" leaflets. After he stopped moaning I sent him off with 150 GOTV leaflets with a cheery "the harder you work the better chance you have of finding a seat".
  • Opened post and found the two anticipated medical emergency proxy vote forms. Persuaded next volunteer to take them to Council and hand to ERO.  
  • Printed off canvassing packs for Cllr Phil Thomas who was driving from Croydon to do some last minute canvassing of 'out's
  • Prepared Return of Election expenses for TW East KCC By Election and sent to candidate for signature
Noon - 3pm
  • Long discussions with Solicitors re planning permission for sale of basement at TW
  • Further discussions with trustees and Association Treasurer re same
  • Conversation with Mackinlay Chief of Staff re Kent are meeting on Friday
  • Write briefing note for Graham Riddick, Craig Mackinlay etc for Kent Area meeting
  • Confirm Sir John Stanley's next surgery and return calls to 5 constituents awaiting appointments
  • Dispatch 6 sets of volunteers with Sophie Shrubsole GOTV cards
3pm - 8pm
  • Write detailed handover note for Jon Botten who is on holiday this week and returning next Monday when I will be away
  • Circulate email chasing stragglers for Patrons' Club Garden Party with Charles Hendry
  • Circulate note to Association and Branch Officers thanking them for supporting 2012 Summer Draw (both TW and T&M increased sales compared with last year - the only two Associations in Kent to do so)
  • Write thank you notes to various members for successful fund raising events or campaign support
  • Buy Phil Thomas cup of coffee (least I could do as he travelled 80 mile round trip!)
  • Prepare Campaign HQ supplies
  • Drop tellers pads and rosettes off with 7am tellers
  • Catch train home.


  1. Sophie Shrubsole4 July 2012 at 15:13

    For a moment there I thought it said guillotined Sophie Shrubsole. That would not be a good start to tomorrow!

  2. Yes. It is considered terribly bad form for the agent to guillotine the candidate.