Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Get Out The Vote - but leave the emu behind!

Tomorrow, we enter the final GOTV phase in our campaign to retain West Malling & Leybourne, and Thursday will hopefully draw to a close 5 months of solid campaigning, which begain in February with the Cowden & Hever by-election, followed by the usual round of local elections and the Boris Johnson Mayoral campaign in April and May, then the Tunbridge Wells East Kent CC By election in June and finally the West Malling & Leybourne By Election on Thursday.

Each of these campaigns has run into the next, with the opening leaflet of one campaign being designed, printed, folded and packed during the closing days of the one before it. I invest an enormous amount of physical and emotional energy in every campaign, and I cannot pretend that workload has not taken it's toll. I should also record the burdens placed on my home life, too. Having a partner who comes home at 9.00pm, eats dinner, then spends 3 hours in front of a laptop designing leaflets, emailing volunteers and plotting strategy, before collapsing in bed in the small hours has been no fun for Steve. I am so fortunate to have a partner who understands and supports me through everything I do.

As I am in a reflective mood I thought it would be fun to look back at my various posts on Twitter to capture my mood on previous election days. Blog posts like this are thought through and planned, but Twitter is much more a 'snapshot' of the time it was posted.  Here is a classic Tweet from Cowden and Hever at 5.30pm on polling day, Thursday 29 March!

In closing, I know I promised some "big news" from the Mackinlay for Kent Campaign. Afraid it's still embargoed - but hopefully out soon!

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