Sunday, 2 August 2015

We're backing Boughton #Matt4Fant

Matt Boughton is one of the nicest. hardest working and thoroughly decent people in local politics, and his many years of hard work on behalf of others was reciprocated on Saturday when 30 activists came to help launch his by-election campaign in Fant ward (Maidstone) caused by the sad death of incumbent Conservative councillor, Alistair Black.

The above picture shows just one of two teams working the ward on Saturday morning, the other team congregating at the station and working up Tonbridge Road. 

My thanks go to everyone who helped, including (not all in the photo), Anne Marie Nelson
Allan Sullivan, Adrian Gulvin, Sam Watkin, Joe Mamo, Alan Bartlett, Jon Botten, Alan Chell,
Vivian Branson, Richard Long, Jacques Arnold, Chris Brown, Wendy Palmer, Ed Godskin,  Stephen Paine, Brian Moss, Pat Moss, Matthew Dickins, Matthew Scott, Michael Horwood, Piers Montague (+2) and Tom Tugendhat MBE MP- plus Matt's family and me. 

Over 7,000 surveys were delivered in just two hours showing what can be achieved by teamwork.

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