Thursday, 13 August 2015

CaughtOut by LinkedIn!

I am regularly amused when I read the LinkedIn profiles of people I know, and see what powerful and influential jobs they have.  In recent weeks I think I have seen at least 22 people who claim to have run the national NOtoAV Campaign, including one chap I know whose chief responsibility was to control the helium balloon canister.

This morning however I came across the best one yet.

A lady that neither I (nor the relevant Kent MP) have ever heard of, let alone met, informs the world that she was this MPs 'strategic campaign adviser' at the 2015 General Election.

Almost as good as the intern applicant who put on his CV that he was "a key member of Greg Clark's 2010 Campaign Team responsible for comms and social media" when in reality on the two occasions he had offered to come and help he failed to show up; once as he boarded the wrong bus and secondly as he turned up late and couldn't find us.

I often wonder if they realise that the political jungle is actually a very small village?

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  1. So true! We had a one time volunteer claim to be a 6 month intern.