Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Sponge Bob Square Pants to the rescue

Most MPs turn up at village fetes and events to support the community and to be seen. In Chatham & Aylesford the MP takes it a stage further. 

When the village of Wouldham advertised on its Facebook page for qualified 'first aiders' for their annual Village Fun Day, Tracey offered her services. Apparently a first aid qualification is required for all football coaches and managers, so she was well placed to do so.

Unfortunately on the day the goalie sustained an a nasty injury during the village football match. Just as the organisers were considering calling an ambulance, Tracey stepped in with an ice pack and a cold wet sponge.  And judging by this exchange on Facebook her skills were appreciated...

You can just imagine the exchanges at future family re-unions as bored grandchildren try to look impressed as Grandad once again reminisces about how his life threatening sporting injury was treated by the then Minister for Sport.

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