Monday, 24 August 2015

All at sea!

Having lit the blue touchpaper on Conservative Home yesterday I have retired, to a very safe distance, to watch the reaction. I am typing this from the library of the Fred Olsen cruise ship Braemar, which is currently in the middle of the North Sea, 60 miles east of Hull, en route to Edinburgh.  Sadly, modern technology and broadband now reaches the middle of the high seas, so I am able to watch (and at time wince) at some of the comments!  Best of which was from someone called (or using the name) Rupert Butler. As far as I know I have never met Mr Butler, but the crux of his argument against my plan was based on (and I quote)

Incidentally, I hope he is a much nicer person than the CCHQ nark pictured. 

As one friend commented, "you know your enemies have run out of arguments when the resort to personal abuse."  Quite. 

I decided (sensibly I believe) not to engage in arguments and debates in the comments section of ConHome. I thought little good would come of it other than dominating the narrative with tit-for-tat posts of little interest or value to the true discussion.  Later this week, on this blog, I will deal with the genuine concerns and valid points raised.

One of the things I have noticed about the reaction from those who are opposed to my suggestions is they very seldom (if at all) offer a different, let alone a better, solution.  By all means argue, disagree and debate - but if you are going to do so, at least have your own well thought through plan to put forward instead. Simply saying "this won't work" or "this is a CCHQ plot to take over the universe" without any supporting evidence, really isn't good enough! 

The most common theme opposing grouping - "we tried it locally and it fell apart due to *lack of strong leadership / *inability to get on with each other / *selfish behaviour (*delete as appropriate). Given many Groups work well and some fail due to disfunctionality, the answer to me isn't to get rid of the concept of grouping but to address the problem of disfunctionality and poor leadership.  Perhaps I am being naive?

Thank you for your comments (on Con Home, Twitter, Facebook) and in particular to the many people from the branch activist in Liverpool to the member of the Cabinet, who emailed my privately to say how much they agree. 

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  1. Chin up - see my comment today "I agree with Andrew - just read his blog and you will see all of the inefficiencies he has to deal with, albeit very kindly.

    I have seen first hand a branch that guards its members and funds without co-operating with the wider Association. They even insisted that the MP have his photo of the back of the InTouch and their local candidate (the Ward Chairman's spouse) on the front. Year after year their unreasonable demands were given in to - and upon their retirement - it was found that nothing remained of the branch except a few people in armchairs.

    This example could probably apply to Associations as a whole. Rupert's comments really remind me of the type of attitude we had from the doomed branch."

    Strood Snake.. sssssss.