Friday, 31 July 2015

And the winner is...

Tunbridge Wells MP and Minister for Communities and Local Government, Greg Clark, was the 'star turn' at West Kent Towers today, when he picked the winners of the 2015 West Kent Summer Raffle.

Our local Associations have always participated in the National Draw, but when it was announced that there would not be a National Summer Draw this year due to its proximity to the General Election, we decided to run our own, in house -  and just as well we did, as had we not done so we would now be £8,500 worse off

Despite our members and supporters contributing generously to the Election Appeal just two months earlier, our 2015 Summer Draw has raised an amazing £9,500. After paying for prizes (£750) and for the printing of the tickets (£200) we were left with £8,550 profit - a record for us in West Kent.  What's more, all the prize winners were local. 

My thanks to all our supporters who bought tickets, to the volunteers who packed the envelopes, and to Jon Botten who opened the post and logged the sales. Most importantly, congratulations to the lucky winners, especially the winner of the 1st prize (an overnight stay at a 4* London Hotel and best tickets for a West End Show) - Claire Browne from Tonbridge, one of our longest serving members who has given over 60 year's service to the Party.

Here is the full winner's list:

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