Thursday, 9 July 2015

The new West Kent 500 Club

Most Associations once ran a '100 Club' or in some cases a '200 Club', though the majority appear to have "withered on the vine". In West Kent only Tonbridge & Malling's survives but even that's on its last legs despite the best endeavours of formidable the lady who runs it.  

I think I pay £13 to be a member and last year I won a prize ..... £21.25!  I thought that my winnings had at least covered my stake, until it was "suggested" that I leave my winnings "in in the pot" to cover next year's membership, before adding..."and if you give me another £4.75 you can have two numbers next year..."  I feebly agreed.

Always looking for new ways to raise money, in particular opportunities which might attract people outside our normal funding base, West Kent have decided to relaunch the old '100 Club' project in a bigger and more ambitions way; a 500 Club! 

Across West Kent we have on file almost 5,000 members and/or donors - so attracting 10% of them as 500 Club members should be achievable. The big attraction however is the scale. With hopefully 500 members paying £30 per year each, the prize fund will be a substantial £7,500  - with many small monthly prizes supplemented by £1000 bonus prizes in June and December and an annual Christmas Star Prize of £2500. 

We have another trick up our sleeve too - the wonderful Ann Widdecombe has agreed to officially launch the 500 Club and be the public face of the appeal!

Proceeds from the draw will be ring-fenced to finance future election campaigns - and if the club reaches its 500 capacity it will raise an outstanding £37,500 by the time of the next General Election! 

Tickets will go on sale later this month  with the first draw in January 2016.  Proceeds will be divided pro-rata based on club membership, so - for example - if Faversham & Mid Kent Association sell 28% of the numbers they will receive 28% of the profit. Simple and fair. 

There may also be an opportunity for other Kent Associations to participate on the same profit-share basis. If any Association is interested please contact me for information -

Further information / online booking form: HERE

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