Monday, 20 July 2015

Time to prune the dead branches

Have you hard the story about the local Conservative Association branch...

You know the one.

The branch that hasn't held a meeting for three years,
or a properly constituted AGM for even longer.

The one whose members have been 'far too busy' to run a fund raising event,
(or even attend events organised by others).

It's the same branch which hasn't canvassed for 8 years as apparently 'everyone knows campaigning does more harm than good...'
...but strangely never appear to have the time to help those who need help.
The same branch which haven't enrolled a single new member for years and cannot even find the time to visit those who are about to lapse when asked to do so.  

You know the branch...

The one whose members demand a copy of the constitution when they realise they no longer qualify to select their local candidate and threaten to resign unless they get their own way. 

I suspect many of you have branches like this in your Association, too. 

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