Sunday, 12 July 2015

National Convention Elections

I feel dreadfully sorry for a number of personal friends and colleagues who failed to secure election to the National Convention yesterday, they are wonderful campaigners and party is a better place thanks to them. 

However, I really don't understand how or why some of their friends and supporters can now consider leaving or withdrawing their active participation. All candidates lobbied, arm-twisted and campaigned. As political activists we should know and accept that elections are won by those who moblise their support!  

When Steve Bell first stood as Vice President and lost, his friends didn't walk away - we fought harder to ensure he won the following year (which he did) and he is now President.

There have been many elections (once for Party Leader) when my preferred candidate was not even on the ballot paper, but you take it on the chin and keep buggering on. Why? Because the Conservative Party is about philosophy and the future of out country. It's not about internal elections.

Good luck to Rob Semple, Tis Baskerville, Gerry Yates and Andrew Sharpe. Whether you voted for them or not, they are about to sacrifice years of their life and thousands of pounds of their money in the service of our party. They deserve our wholehearted support. 


  1. Very strongly agree. Two of the people I voted for did not win, and that has not stopped either of them from taking it with good grace, thanking their supporters and indicating that they will stay involved and where applicable try again next year. Didn't stop me congratulating those who did win either and they will have my support.