Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Recruiting new helpers in Chatham & Aylesford

With Tracey Crouch significantly out polling her Labour challenger by over 20% in our internal polling, we are launching a major constituency-wide campaign to attract a new generation of activists. 

Over the coming weeks nearly 40,000 target voters (known Conservatives, pro-Conservative switchers and soft Labour / anti Miliband) will be receiving this letter and reply card from Tracey. 

Our target is to capitalise on Tracey's local popularity and recruit 200 new delivery helpers. When added to our existing team, we will then have the resources to deliver the entire constituency in two days (against the five days we take to do so now).  It will also release resources to travel to Eastbourne, our nearest 40:40 target seat. 

If this is succesful, over the coming months we will roll out the campaign to all five West Kent Associations. 

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