Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Damned by faint praise

I shared part of my train journey home last evening with a newly elected councillor, who won his seat on 22 May this year. He recounted this lovely story.

A few days after the election he was in his local pub, in jeans and t-shirt and looking a bit unkempt. At the bar he got chatting to a bloke he had never before met, and who didn't know who he was.  They talked about local issues including house building. The conversation turned to politics and the bloke he was chatting to said, "I don''t normally bother voting, but I voted for that Tory bloke at the local elections."  Interested to know more, and without admitting who he was, he asked why. "He spent the last six months walking around the village with his blue rosette on looking like a right sad prat, but at least he made the effort."

Needless to say Cllr Sad Pratt didn't admit who he was!

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