Monday, 7 July 2014

Craig Mackinlay is a decent man and will make a great MP

Three battle-scarred friends with our respective long-suffering partners regrouped for a meal last night to celebrate Craig Mackinlay's selection as Parliamentary Candidate in South Thanet.

The three of us are all, in our own way, consumed by politics. Our partners really have no interest whatsoever. I think it's fair to say that the picture tells its own story. If you want to stay young, smooth skinned and beautiful, get a proper job that does not involve midnight meetings and tramping the streets in search of votes.

I really am pleased for Craig and wish him every success. I tend to take a sanguine view of elections; I fight each and every one like fury, I often feel the outcome matters more to me than the candidates, but once they are over I close the book and move on. Win or lose, I know I have done my best and I always accept the outcome. The Kent Police & Crime Commissioner campaign is a case in point. It was a hard campaign and a bruising result - but Craig took the blow on the chin, dusted himself down, and came back fighting. Many lesser men would have allowed it to damage them or dent their confidence, but not Craig. He is a conviction politician who believes passionately in his position and is unafraid to fight his corner. He is a good man and willl make a great MP.

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