Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A Tale of Two Tories

Jon Botten and Matt Boughton have spent the afternoon sorting out GOTV leaflets for tomorrow's by-election. The photograph below shows their respective piles of leaflets. 

Controlled Order 'v' Creative Chaos - which is which?
Here's the question - which pile was created by Matt and which by Jon?
(Answers in the comments please!)


  1. As Matt was educated in Brighton - then I hope the pile on the left is his!

  2. Thelma Huggett24 July 2014 at 04:22

    Jon, lefr, Matt right.... but then I could be wrong!!

  3. I agree with Thelma. Jon's neatly trimmed beard is a sign of an ordered mind... amongst other things...

  4. pb88: Given Matt was indeed educated at Brighton I would have expected his bundles to be tied in ribbon with a nice bow!

    Thelma and Hunthillwill: wrong. It's all an illusion. Matt's pile is the neat one - Jon's is the creative chaos. Most were fooled!