Thursday, 3 September 2015

"Something must be done"

I have just taken a call from an MP friend (not from West Kent), somewhat in despair. 

Since May he has received four emails from the same constituent on the following lines: 

1. It's a disgrace that we are not bombing the Islamic State.
2. Foreign aid to third world countries is a waste on money and should be spent on the NHS
3. What are you doing about the immigration crisis at Calais?

Then this morning (following the publication of that harrowing photograph of the drowned child in Italy)

4. What are you proposing to do to help these poor refugees?

So in a nutshell...

"Britain should bomb IS, despite the pain caused to innocent civilians." 
"Britain  should not send any money or aid to assist those displaced by the military intervention I have demanded." 
"Britain should close our borders and turn our backs on those in need." 
"It's a disgrace we you not doing more to help those in need."

Oh what a luxury it must be to inhabit a world of black and white certainties where every issue can be taken in isolation and without any thought to the wider consequences..

and is this not a prime example of how difficult it must now be to govern a country where large numbers of people have lost their moral compass and whose world view is defined by an emotional and too often hypocritical reaction to the latest headline. 

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