Friday, 18 September 2015

£30 to enter Ann Widdecombe's draws

It's not often one gets such an opportunity, and at £30 it's quite a bargain. 

Tomorrow around 5,000 local members and donors will receive a letter from Ann Widdecombe inviting them to support our latest venture; a 500 Club Monthly Draw which, if fully subscribed, will raise £15,000 per year. Of this £7,500 will be returned to members in prizes and a further £7,500 retained for the campaign fund. Between now and the 2020 General  Election we aim to raise £37,500 profit - enough to cover the bulk of parliamentary campaign costs across all five West Kent constituencies.

Membership of the 500 Club is £30 per year for entry into a monthly draw with the following prizes:

  • A monthly prize of £100
  • Every other month a bonus prize of £300
  • Each six months a super £1,000
  • A Christmas star prize of £2,500
Making a total annual prize fund of £7,500

Tickets are now on sale with the first draw in January 2016.  Proceeds will be divided pro-rata based on the 500 Club membership, so - for example - if Faversham & Mid Kent Association sell 28% of the numbers they will receive 28% of the profit. Simple and fair. 

There may also be an opportunity for other Kent Associations to participate on the same profit-share basis. If any Association is interested please contact me for information -

If you fancy a flutter you can buy your 500 Club membership online using PayPal/credit or debit card by clicking HERE

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