Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Shame on you, Jeremy Corbyn

As a Libertarian I understand that an hereditary head of state is a difficult concept for many to people accept, though I should add I am not one of them. 

Holding republican views is not an unreasonable position and should not in itself debar Jeremy Corbyn from public office. However this afternoon he was attending the Battle of Britain Memorial Service as Leader of the Opposition, not as Jeremy Corbyn, and as such he should have respected the protocol.

I am sure Her Majesty felt total revulsion when she was asked to shake hands with Martin McGuinness, but she did what was expected of her, as did Prince Charles when he shook the hand of Gerry Adams. And when doing so they both acted with dignity and decorum, despite the fact that McGuinness and Adams are apologists for those who murdered Lord Mountbatten.

I think some of the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn have been just and fair and some have been a touch hysterical. But his actions today were unbefitting of a man who wishes to be Prime Minister.  

Jeremy Corbyn should not be ashamed of his republic views, but he should be ashamed of being a graceless prig.

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