Friday, 4 September 2015

Be sure your sins will find you out

Great tale from canvassing in Fant ward earlier this week. 

Matt Boughton walked up a pathway. At the adjoining door was a canvasser from another party, engaged in conversation and not aware who was standing on the neighbouring step. Just as Matt reached for doorbell he heard the other canvasser tell the resident...
'Are you aware the Tory candidate doesn't
even live in Maidstone...?'

At this point Matt leaned over dividing wall, tapped the culprit on the shoulder, and said...

'Hello, I'm Matt Boughton, the Conservative candidate.
Just to let you know I was born in Maidstone, educated in Maidstone and I have lived in Maidstone all my life.
Why are you telling lies about me?'

At this point the canvasser started blustering and back-peddling. Apparently 'someone' told him Matt wasn't local and he was 'just repeating what he had been told'. 

By now the somewhat irritated resident announced, 'I think I've heard enough' then turning to Matt he gave the thumb's-up and said, 'you've got my vote, son.'   



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