Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sponsored weight loss - the target is in sight!

It's been a few weeks since I posted my weight loss on the blog, though I have been keeping a public record on Facebook. However, with seven weeks of my diet remaining, I am pleased to say I am almost hit my first target.
Yesterday (Saturday 5th April) I weighed-in at 18stone 6lb - a loss of 1lb on the week, following a great loss of 5lb the week previously. Since my sponsored diet commenced on NY Day I have lost 3 stone 4 pound, leaving me just 10lb to lose. Provided I hit target by the end of May, I will raise almost £3,000 for Party funds - which is ring-fenced to pay for the new Phone Bank we have installed at Paddock Wood!   
It's not too late to sponsor me if you would like to do so. Simply email me at with either the amount per pound (remembering my target is to lose 56lb by end of May) or with a set figure (ie £10 / £20 etc) if I hit my target weight by 31 May 2014. Thank you.


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