Thursday, 24 April 2014

DING DONG ! Steve Bell officially opens West Kent Towers

The Senior Vice President of the Conservative Party, Steve Bell, joined constituency Chairmen, volunteers and the office staff to officially open the West Kent Campaign Headquarters earlier tonight.

From right: William Rutherford (Tunbridge Wells Chairman), Adrian Gulvin (Chatham & Aylesford Chairman),
Steve Bell, Jacques Arnold (Tonbridge & Malling Chairman), John Wilson (Maidstone and The Weald Chairman)
with volunteers from across West Kent

Giving Maggie a polish!  The latest edition for the office wall, kindly donated by
William Rutherford

William Rutherford (Chairman of Tunbridge Wells and also Chairman of the West Kent Group Executive)
thanking Steve Bell and the members. Eagle-eyed readers may spot the shadowy figure of the much mentioned
South Zone Oberleutnant, loitering at the back.

From left: Jacques Arnold, Adrian Gulvin, William Rutherford, Steve Bell, AK, John Wilson and Jon Botten

Ringing the changes - we had ten on the phones and twenty more on the doorsteps. 

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