Saturday, 26 April 2014

UPDATED! Memories of Maggie - a very special evening

STOP PRESS: Iain Dale has just been in touch to say he would like to donate 100 copies of his book "Memories of Maggie" which we can sell at the event to raise money for Tracey Crouch's GE Campaign. 

The book contains stories and recollections from world leaders, members of her various governments, friends, staff and family. It is a super book, I bought a personal copy when it was first published, and includes a contribution from Sir John. From memory, Sir John's contribution is about a time he left two pages of an important speech behind, and stood in horror in the wings, unable to warn her that the pages were missing as she had already commenced delivery. His heart was pounding as she approached the missing pages, fearing she would stumble. But her impeccable memory won the day - she carried regardless, without pausing, delivering the two missing pages verbatim from memory. 

This is a wonderfully generous gesture from a man who has been an outstanding supporter of C&A and Tracey Crouch since her selection.  Thank you Iain!

What an exciting evening this promises to be. If anyone would like to come, please let me know by email to

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