Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Shiny and new and smells of paint!

Well, we've arrived at the brand new West Kent Towers in Paddock Wood.

The concept of a West Kent Conservative Campaign HQ has been doing the rounds for decades, but bringing it together fell into my lap three years ago. And here we are! At times, everything has run too smoothly to be true. At other times it's been like pulling hens' teeth. But we've arrived - on time and all to plan. The lease is signed. The decorators have been and gone. The furniture has arrived. The IT and phones have been installed - and they're even working - and from Friday our 10 line phone bank will be up and running, finding pledges, recruiting members and identifying new helpers. 

Our 'mission statement' printed on every letterhead, compliments slip and internal memo, is simple:

"Working together for a Conservative majority"

Here are a few photographs to whet your appetite. 

Banner at the front door

Reception desk, staffed by Mandy Hopkins, who will be meeting and greeting visitors
and also looking after membership and branch services

In two days time this area will house the phone bank

Our new Nespresso machine!

Jon Botten's desk - he's got the view.
All I get to look at is Jon. 

Doesn't take long for the To Do list to fill-up

And finally....

A certain reader of this blog will be pleased to see we are still using Coleshill coffee mugs!

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