Sunday, 6 April 2014

LibDems: When you needed them most, they were not there....

On Saturday we launched our EMPTY CHAIR campaign in Maidstone, highlighting the irresponsible behaviour of the Borough's Liberal Democrat councillors, who publically boycotted the Council's Local Plan meeting, abdicating their responsibilities as the Borough's official opposition and letting-down the people they were elected to represent.

Conservative Council Leader, Chris Garland, summed the situation up nicely;

"When Maidstone Council was discussing the most important Local Plan for generations, local Lib Dem councillors failed to show up. The promised to stop development in the countryside, but when the crunch-time came they bunked-off and let down the very people who elected them to look after their interests. This is a wholly irresponsible approach, motivated purely by self-interest.

They have demonstrated, by their absence, that they have no courage, no ability to shape the debate or make the difficult decisions which go with the responsibility of elected office. 

This is in stark contrast to a Conservative Group which fights the corner for local people, and has the mettle to take tough decisions when they need to be made - such as providing new homes in suitable locations across the borough."

I designed this "Empty Chair" leaflet to accompany the campaign. 30,000 copies of which will be delivered across the Borough over the next two weeks. I am actually quite pleased with the stark simplicity of the front page.

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