Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The people's flag is palest pink; it's not as red as you might think....

According to the media, the Tories are in disarray. Yes despite this perception, and in a difficult mid-term campaign, we can still turn out activists in numbers the Labour Party could only dream of.

Like this 'small' team campaigning for Sarah Hohler last weekend:

Or this group, tramping the streets of Chatham and Aylesford for Peter Homewood on Monday:

And this team in Hadlow:

And how do Chatham & Aylesford Labour Party respond?

With no elections in the Chatham end of the constituency, and with the chance to draw Tory blood, you'd expect the Comrades to be pouring down Bluebell Hill to hoist Tristan's pale red flag over Snodland. 

Sadly, not according to Twitter.  Here is a Medway Labour activist imploring another to come and help "Tris" on election day. But he's having none of it, as apparently his garden needs tending.

"Maybe come out and about, just for a teeny weeny bit".

But no joy. Given a choice between the Comrades and the compost - the compost wins.

See you at the count, gentlemen :)


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