Thursday, 23 May 2013

Light Blogging (if any) until Monday

In case you think I have fallen off the boat and being swept off to Antwerp on a spring tide, I thought I would let you that there will be little blogging until Monday, as Steve and I are taking a few days holiday.
Until last night we weren't sure if we would head out onto the Thames or inland up the Medway. However, this morning's weather forecast of high winds and swell on the Thames Estuary (and the prospect of Gravesend at the end of a long day's cruising) have put us off.  So instead we are heading upriver.  Seems odd to take a holiday to Tonbridge (head of the navigation) as that's where I work, but as I mentioned to someone yesterday "when you are on the water, it's the journey not the destination."
We have never navigated the Upper Medway (apart from a brief trip to Wateringbury on a hire boat) so I am looking forward to it greatly. It will be strange seeing towns and villages I know so well from a different aspect, particularly traveling through Aylesford village and under that wonderful bridge.  I might give three long blasts on the siren as I pass Aylesford to make sure Tracey Crouch is awake !

Aylesford Village and Bridge

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