Friday, 3 May 2013

It's those gays again !

At one of the three counts I attended today, one of our more "reactionary" candidates had managed to convince himself that thanks to "The Gays" he was about to lose his traditionally safe seat.  Not known for his optimism or sunny disposition, I decided to let him vent whilst watching the piles of blue wrapped bundles steadily pile up over his shoulder.

When the Returning Officer called us over to verify the results prior to the declaration, and it was clear his majority was much closer to four figures than two, I enquired if his landslide indicated that, contrary to what he has been telling me for months, the voters were really not that bothered about letting gay couples marry.

Apparently it was nothing of the sort - his win was down to his "huge personal following".  Funny how he was happy not to mention his "huge personal following" when he thought he was going to lose !

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